X-Plane 10 Tree Lines and Farms Scenery released

Alpilotx/ July 15, 2012/ Uncategorized

Today I have something new for X-Plane 10. A scenery, which tries to improve the look of the less “populated” areas of the default (or HD Mesh) Global Scenery, namely the agricultural areas, grasslands and pastures (the place, which can be wast and empty … especially in regions like the US Mid West etc.).

This new scenery will add random tree lines along many-many roads and some – hopefully – well placed farms in the landscape (at least in the continental USA and Europe). After the download, you might be quite surprised by how some regions of the Global Scenery look (as a starter, try some random location in the US Mid West).

To learn more and download this freeware (while considering a donation), click the image below and enjoy!

X-Plane 10 Tree Lines and Farms Download

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