PREVIEW video: X-Planeplane10 HD Mesh Scenery v3 (region: Canada)

Alpilotx/ September 14, 2014/ featured, Preview, video

There is a first preview – this time a video on youtube (instead of “just” screenshots) – for the next, “version 3” of the HD mesh Scenery “series”. Planned release is around the end of 2014.

It will be more of an evolution – instead of a revolution – over the current “version 2” bringing:

  • many fixes (see known issues list for HD mesh Scenery v2)
  • landclass improvements
  • increased resolution (yes, the mesh res will increase a bit again)
  • and most importantly fresh OSM (openstreetmap data) from autumn 2014.
  • additionally, in Canada, instead of the OSM lakes it will use CanVec based lakes (which should bring a more or less complete and consistent lake/river coverage in that region – OSM still has quite a few gaps in that area).

The coverage will most likely not go outside the current coverage and will still “only” cover North America, Europe and Japan. The main reason is still – as most of you might already know – that there is still no good, consistent, free, usable, high resolution landclass data outside the listed regions. As soon as this changes (and I can get hold of such “good, consistent, free, usable, high resolution landclass data”) I will also extend the coverage.

By the way, should you be one of the few users, who are contributing to the OSM project, I would say you have about 4 weeks to add stuff (things of relevance are: water features and road / railroad network) you would like to see in the coming HD Mesh Scenery v3 (one exception – for now – is water data in Canada, which will be substituted by the CanVec data for now)!

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