Statement about the compatibility with X-Plane 11

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All scenery on this website will remain compatible with X-plane 11 and can simply be moved from the old X-Plane 10 “Custom Scenery” environment to the new X-Plane 11 “Custom Scenery” environment. You only need to make sure, that in the new X-Plane 11 scnery_packs.ini the ordering remains correct (as recommended in the installation instructions).

This includes:

  • HD Mesh Scenery v3
  • UHD Mesh Scenery v1
  • Tree Lines and Farms v2
  • New Zealand Pro

Updates to these products (especially the first two … while the second two are less likely) will be considered when X-Plane 11 has stabilized and gets a growing user base (and my time permits).

UPDATE: some information about the differences between HD Mesh Scenery v3 (equally UHD Mesh Scenery v1) and the XP11 default Global Scenery released with Public Beta 1 (which might / will change with later scenery updates):

  • HD Mesh Scenery v3: older data (approximately 2 years old) – XP11 default: newer OSM data (August 2016)
  • XP11 default has updated landclass data for many regions (compared to HD Mesh Scenery v3)
  • HD Mesh Scenery v3: older autogen placement algorithms and no special European roads during scenery generation (XP11 default has a slight edge here – at least urbanized areas might look better)
  • HD Mesh Scenery v3 does NOT use OSM data about high buildings. The final default Scenery of XP11 already has these in, which makes most larger cities look better (than they look with HD Mesh Scenery v3).
  • HD Mesh Scenery v3 has much higher resolution Mesh (this has NOT been changed in XP11 default do to scenery size constraints!)
  • HD Mesh Scenery v3 has much more accurate landclass representation (even if its based on older data as described above) because of its higher res mesh (landclass is bound to mesh triangles)
  • HD Mesh Scenery v3 has older (because of older OSM data) but more accurate coastlines (rivers, lakes, ocean) as XP11 default needed to simplify vectors … again because of scenery size constraints.

So, in the long run (especially to iron out the first 3 “disadvantages”) there will quite likely come an update as pointed out above. But this will not happen anytime soon … especially as I also wait for some further planned improvements in the scenery generator from Laminar.



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