UHD Mesh Scenery v1 – Japan released!

Alpilotx/ April 27, 2016/ featured, News

As of today, the UHD Mesh Scenery v1 series has a new region: Japan

The main differences (and improvements, compared to HD Mesh Scenery) are:

  • High resolution DEM elevation data. Based on the AW3D (© JAXA) 30m data,  and where AW3D has holes, filled up with SRTM 1sec (30m) data.
  • Latest landclass data based on the “AVNIR-2 high-resolution land use land cover map 2016 February release (version 16.02)” (© JAXA)
  • Massively increased mesh density … by roughly factor 2.5 to 3! This is not only beneficiary to the better representation of the higher res DEM data, but also – once more – improves landclass and forest detail!

Because of this, the “UHD Mesh Scenery v1” Scenery is very heavy on hardware resources and will only run smoothly on modern, higher end PCs. Its very important – before even considering a download – to have at least 16 GBytes of RAM and a modern / powerful GPU!

Read all details on the download page!

There is also a “release video” on youtube, to give you a impression about what to expect:

If you are – only –  looking for comparison screenshots, here are the official ones accompanying the release of UHD Mesh Scenery v1 – Japan. Just follow the link to my Google Photos album:

  • UHD Mesh Scenery v1 – Japan (most screenshots in the first part of the album come in pairs – they are comparisons between UHD and HD quality! The first of each pair is HD, the second UHD – but there are also caption for each picture to make this clear).


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