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Yes, STILL NOT A RELEASE but at least some new PREVIEW screenshots – and proof that this project is alive – from Canada which received a very nice landclass update over the last weeks which will make it a worthy addition in the HD Mesh v2 regions!

Follow this link to the gallery (or click the image below)

For the final (I don’t even dare to say, but I now really really hope for this autumn) release I am still waiting for a few things to happen:

  • X-Plane 10.30 10.25 needs to become available, as it will bring a quite large set of texture updates and a few important new terrain types which the HD Mesh relies on. Without this, it won’t work. And yes, the screenshots are already done with the new textures.
  • Some final code changes in the scenery generator are in the makings which – I hope – will further improve the cities (but I don’t want to tell too much)
  • And some final data tweakings (but most of this is now done – thats why I can showcase Canada)

And because of the postponed release I will also do one more complete OSM data import for the entire project in about two weeks (around the first days of October), so who ever wants to do some improvements in OSM, then this might be a good time to do so …

I would also repeat (before you ask) the planned coverage:

  • Europe (this time, entire Europe)
  • USA (complete)
  • Alaska
  • Canada (possibly not all of it, but definitely the South and West …)

And best of all, this will all be free-/donationware!

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