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UHD Mesh Scenery v1 for X-Plane 10 released


After the successful release of “HD Mesh Scenery v3″ last December, the new “UHD Mesh Scenery v1″ tries to push the limits of the X-Plane 10 scenery engine even further. The general characteristics of “UHD Mesh Scenery v1″ are identical to those described in HD Mesh Scenery v3. The main differences (and improvements) are: 30m resolution DEM elevation data instead of 90m DEM data. (once more) massively increased mesh density … by roughly factor 2.5 to 3! This is not

HD Mesh Scenery v3 for X-Plane 10 released


After more than a year, the free (donationware) HD Mesh Scenery v3 replaces the previous v2 scenery package! Covered Regions (see coverage on the download map below): Europe (Canaries included) North America (USA, Alaska, Canada) Japan Hawaii NEW: Australia The HD Mesh Scenery v3 is a complete replacement for the default Global Scenery in X-Plane 10 for all covered regions (it includes mesh, landclass, forests, road/railroad networks, all water features and autogen data)! The v3 is an update of the

PREVIEW video: X-Planeplane10 HD Mesh Scenery v3 (region: Canada)


There is a first preview – this time a video on youtube (instead of “just” screenshots) – for the next, “version 3″ of the HD mesh Scenery “series”. Planned release is around the end of 2014. It will be more of an evolution – instead of a revolution – over the current “version 2″ bringing: many fixes (see known issues list for HD mesh Scenery v2) landclass improvements increased resolution (yes, the mesh res will increase a bit again) and

Japan HD Mesh Scenery v2 (+ tree lines) released!


As of today, you can download additional files from the HD Mesh Scenery v2 and Tree Lines project, covering entire Japan! X-Plane 10 HD Mesh Scenery v2 X-Plane 10 Tree Lines and Farms V2 Highlights of the major improvements in Japan are (more in depth details about the technical details of HD Mesh Scenery v2 can be found on the download page): updated OSM data vastly improved landclass data additional tree lines  

X-Plane 10 Tree Lines and Farms V2 released!


The freeware / donationware scenery X-Plane 10 Tree Lines and Farms V2 has been released! The “X-Plane 10 tree lines and farms V2” scenery is the second version of an overlay add-on for X-Plane 10. It tries to add “visual clutter” (tree lines and farms) to the usually relatively dull landscape of agricultural areas and grassy areas. Like in real life, with this add on, tree lines will follow – randomly – many of the roads, railroads, and the coastline

PREVIEW – X-Plane 10 Tree Lines and Farms V2

The latest little project I am working on is a “plain and simple” update of my X-Plane 10 Tree Lines and Farms scenery to V2. The main improvement will be, that you will see a vastly improved amount of tree lines: based on newer OSM data (the same I used for HD Mesh Scenery v2 … thus the two are “perfectly” matched), which alone brings – because of its growth – a lot of new vector data where I can

XP10 DSF-to-GML v2 script released


This little free(donationware) script (now in Version 2) helps to transform most parts of DSF files of X-Plane 10 Global Scenery to the GML format. The GML file then can be opened with most modern GIS tools, like the open source tool QGIS, to visualize the internal data structure of the DSF. More infos on the XP10 DSF-to-GML v2 script page !