Website relaunch

Alpilotx/ February 1, 2012/ Uncategorized

After many years and the arrival of X-plane 10, it was time for a little overhaul. For one, I wanted to update to a  more modern CMS (replaces my aged Joomla with WordPress) and for the other, I am planning to introduce some new content over the coming weeks / months.

The aged forest scenery for X-Plane 8 / 9 is now more or less out of service (especially as the USA pulled the plug on Megaupload, where the big scenery files were hosted). Still, you will find the old documentation and old artwork files in the download and FAQ section. Should you also need the old scenery, I might try to find a way to re-upload it somewhere (but I have no plans to do it pro-actively now).

But stay tuned for some new experiments / content for X-Plane 10.

For example, scenery developers might check out my little DSF-to-GML script, which transforms the DSF base triangle mesh to the generic GML format, which then can be visualized in any modern GIS software (like QGIS).

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